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If you have ever been diagnosed with or passed a kidney stone you know how absolutely miserable the experience can be. The lifetime incidence of kidney stones is nearly 13 percent in men and 7 percent in women. The likelihood of recurrence is of kidney stones is 50 percent or greater at five years and up to 80 percent at 10 years. It has been observed that there has been an increase in the incidence in kidney stones in men and women over the past decade. The risks for forming kidney stones are multifactorial and Dr. Gibson will work closely with you to determine your risk factors and will help you develop realistic preventive measures. Kidney stones can often pass with medications alone without surgical intervention, however if your stone is too large to pass, Dr. Gibson can use laser therapy or shockwave therapy to treat your stones to facilitate passage. Kidney stone surgery is the most common surgery that Dr. Gibson performs and he has performed thousands of these operations in his career.

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